Updated General Sports Guidelines (as of 7 May 2021)

Please refer to the latest SCC Sports Guidelines here.

In accordance with the Safety Management Measure advisories issued by Sport Singapore and National Sports Associations (NSAs) and the Multi-Ministries Taskforce – Reopening of Phase 3 – Stricter Safe Management Measures For Sport And Physical Exercise and Activity (8 to 30 May 2021), please take note of the following:


  1. Please abide by the Safety Management Measure advisories issued by SportSG, National Sports Associations (NSAs) and the Club.  Members and their guests who fail to comply will be asked to leave the Club premises; disciplinary actions may be taken for serious breaches of safety measures.
  2. Only groups of maximum 5 athletes (i.e. members and guests) are allowed.
  3. All guests must be signed in by Members and Members must be with their guests at all times. Members who book the facilities must be present in person during the time of play, and to be part of the group of players.
  4. Prior to entering the Sports Facilities, all athletes MUST use the TraceTogether app for check in SafeEntry at the various sports facilities using your smartphone.
    • As part of the Safe Management Measures, the maximum number of persons allowed within the Clubhouse facilities is 50 persons. It is mandatory for the Club to maintain records of athletes (required for subsequent audits by the authorities) who are using the different sports facility locations.
    • Confirmed Groups/ Bookings are to submit their name list to sportdept@scc.org.sg one day before play.
    • In the case where a section has more than one group of 5 playing at the same time, the groupings must be decided beforehand. The players must go directly to the assigned area and stay with the assigned group of 5 throughout session. No intermixing is allowed between the different groups.
    • The Club reserves the right to deny your participation if the measures are not observed. We seek your cooperation to comply with the Club’s measures.
  6. WEAR YOUR MASKS AT ALL TIMES THE MOMENT YOU STEP OUT OF THE COURTS/ FIELD. Masks are only allowed to be removed when engaged in strenuous activities during training/ exercise. Put on your mask when arriving and leaving the courts/ field, including to refill water, collect equipment, visit the restroom/changing room, stretching, warming up, cooling down or do anything other than exercising or training. If you need to recover your breath, do so first at the courts/ field, then put your mask on before exiting.