The Tennis Section is one of the biggest Sections in the Club with over 500 active Members. The inaugural Premier Tennis Tournament was held in 2011 with participation from players around the region.

Kindly read the Court Usage Rules & Regulations here.

Tennis Committee


Soenke Langhoff


Emilie Wolff


Darren Wilson

Men’s Captain

Vishal Vijay

Ladies’Captain/JSM Representative (Girls)

Rehmat Johal

JSM Representative

Andrew Hill

Committee Member

Eugene Lim

Committee Member

Giacomo Poggi

Tennis Section Committee 2019-20 From left: Rehmat Johal, Darren Wilson, Soenke Langhoff, Vishal Vijay, Giacomo Poggi, Eugene Lim, Andrew Hill


  • Section Training
  • Tennis Programme
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Section Training

Timings Day Term Date Location Name Cost per term
7pm - 9pm Tuesdays Weekly Basis Men's D (1 court)
Men's A/B/C (1 court)
Tennis Section Training $6 (Member),$5 (Guest Fee)As Above
7pm - 9pm Wednesdays Weekly Basis Ladies' A (1 court)
Men's A/B/B (1 court)
Tennis Section Training $6 (Member),$5 (Guest Fee)
7pm - 9pm Thursdays Weekly Basis Men's A/B/C Tennis Section Training $6 (Member),$5 (Guest Fee)
5pm onwards Fridays Last Friday of every month, 5pm – 10pm: Makan Kechil Friday Socials Friday Socials $6 (Member),$5 (Guest Fee)

Tennis Programme

Photo Gallery


Dress Code

The required dress for Tennis shall conform to reasonable standards of propriety and cleanliness. Any colours are permitted as long as the attire is "made for tennis".

All players are required to adhere to acceptable standards of Tennis attire. For the purposes of this Bye-Law, appropriate Tennis attire comprises of recognised Tennis clothing sold for the purpose of playing Tennis.

Clothing such as sweat shirts, dress shirts, tee shirts, football shirts, bermudas, jogging shorts, football shorts, board shorts, leggings, bike pants, crop tops, singlets and casual shorts are not considered appropriate Tennis attire.