Padang Field

The Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) was founded (1852) 162 years ago and is one of the Premier Sports Clubs in the Asia Pacific region. Situated between St. Andrew’s Road and Connaught Drive, in the heart of Singapore, the SCC has sports sections that play Rugby, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Lawn Bowls, Snooker, Golf, Darts, Squash, Balut and Bridge.

The SCC’s playing area (for field sports) is known as the Padang, and with its backdrop of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, City Hall, the Supreme Court Building, the Raffles City Complex and the Central Business District, it is certainly one of the world’s more picturesque sports grounds. It was also a central feature of the inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix night race held in Singapore since 2008.

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