Youth Development – Cricket


The development of junior players has always been a priority for SCC. Youth cricket starts at 6 years old, which is under the youth academy. Whereas the Cricket Youth Development (CYD) group is by invitation and generally starts at the age of 15 as we seek to transition players gradually from youth to adult league cricket.

We have been fortunate to have very qualified individuals running the CYD programme. The current Head of CYD is Andrew Williams. Coaching is provided by Head Coach, Ricky Anderson and national player Arun Vijayan, while we encourage our older CYD players to help with coaching our youngest group at Dempsey.

Not only do they receive quality coaching and development, juniors who are enrolled are eligible to play in various age group tournaments, where we enter teams, and in friendlies we organise at both The Padang and Dempsey. This means our players get the opportunity to play on the Padang from an early age, something they will hopefully cherish.

Those who join the CYD programme also have the opportunity, by invitation, to join SCC as a Junior Sports Member (JSM) at a very reasonable cost. This allows them to use the facilities of the club and represent SCC in adult league cricket. SCC fields teams in Divisions 1-5 and juniors are encouraged to play as soon as they are ready – some as young as 14 years old are already playing regularly. Playing with and against experienced cricketers only helps them develop and mature more quickly.

JSM’s are also encouraged to tour with SCC In the past five years, tours have included South Africa, Australia and UK, as well as a number in the region. We expect to tour the UK in 2018 with an Under 15 squad.

Another highlight of the CYD programme are coaching clinics with some of the legends of the game, wherever the opportunity arises.As recently as August 2017, 15 of our up and coming young cricketers were fortunate to have a coaching session followed by some Q&A with legend,Muttiah Muralitharan, as part of the very successful SCC T20.  While in 2016 Sachin Tendulakar and, separately, England’s Darren Gough and Matt Prior shared their experiences on The Padang with a similarly fortunate group. And in 2012, the juniors were fortunate to have a clinic with Kumar Sangakkara and Muttiah Muralitharan, followed by a lengthy Q&A session.

We look forward to the current group of junior players representing SCC at the highest levels of the game and being stalwarts of the club in future.


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