Balut is a game of dice that involves rolling five dice to make various combinations. The number of rounds may be decided for each game. A “Balut” is a five-of-a-kind of any denomination, but it counts for little in terms of points. Players who obtain a Balut announce it to the other playing by calling out “Balut!” and note it on a special scorecard. Players try to guess before gameplay how many Baluts will be made during the game. By correctly guessing the total number, a player may earn a prize.

Balut Committee


Sunita Kapoor


Raj Kumar


Cindy Raman


Mohan Dadlani

Committee Member

Tony Fisher

Committee Member

Soma Devi

Balut Section Committee 2019-2021 (from left to right): Tony Fisher, Soma Devi, Cindy Raman, Sunita Kapoor, Mohan Dadlani, Raj Kumar


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Section Night

The SCC Balut Section holds a monthly section night for Members and guest. Attendees enjoy an evening of socialising over a game of Balut with food and refreshments on hand.


Timings Day Term Date Location Name Cost
7-10pm Tuesday For more information, please contact Sunita (Convenor) at or Raj (Captain) at Gilmour Room Balut Section Night Guest: $30
2-5pm Saturday For more information, please contact Sunita (Convenor) at or Raj (Captain) at Gilmour Room Balut Section Day Guest: $30

Photo Gallery

Dress Code

Shirts should have collars and sleeves. No flip flops, singlets, tee-shirts, outlandish grab or any attire bearing an advertising message of any kind.