Privacy Policies

How We Use Your Personal Data

  1. To perform or carry out all matters that is necessary and/or relevant to the purposes of processing, maintaining or administering the Member’s ongoing membership with the Club;
  2. To provide the Member with marketing, advertising and promotional materials, announcements, information and/or documents relating to products and/or services and/or existing or upcoming Club events, news, and/or Club General Meetings and Dialogue Sessions;
  3. To conduct member satisfaction and/or membership statistics surveys;
  4. To publish photographs, in which Members might appear in the Singapore Cricket Club media platforms;
  5. To maintain the safety and security of the Club’s premises with the use of security cameras;
  6. Where legally permitted, to undertake directly or through agents criminal reference checks with relevant government bodies and/or agencies and credit bureau;
  7. To provide information, materials and/or documents on any events, products, services, promotions or survey by the Club, using post, email, SMS/MMS/Whatsapp, fax and/or phone call, even if the Member is registered under the Do Not Call Registry;
  8. To disclose personal data to the Club’s third party service providers and/or agents, supplier and/or vendor for the above purposes and the above purposes only, on behalf of the Club.


Withdrawal of Consent

If you do not want the Club to continue using and/or disclosing your personal data for the above purposes, you may at any time, withdraw your consent from the Club and/or its third party service providers and/or agents using and/or disclosing your personal data as such.

However, you may wish to take note that by withdrawing your consent, the Club may not be able to continue maintaining, administering or furthering your membership effectively and/or you may miss or fail to receive relevant notices and message related to your ongoing relationship with the Club.

You may contact the Membership department at for withdrawal of consent to your personal data.