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Chess Committee


Prakash Pillai

Events Coordinator

Tham Hock Chee


Tristan Tan


Owen Hawkes

Committee Member

Intekhab Khan

Committee Member

Fahreed Bhalsara

Committee Member (Chess Academy)

Utsav Rakshit

Chess Committee 2023-24 from left to right:
From left to right: Intekhab Khan (Committee Member), Fahreed Balsara (Committee Member), Owen Hawkes (Secretary), Prakash Pillai (Convenor), Tham Hock Chee (Events Coordinator), Tristan Tan (Treasurer)


  • Section Night
  • Photo Gallery

Section Night

Timings Day Term Date Location Name Cost
4:30pm – 6:30pm Saturday (biweekly) starting 26 Aug Green Room
For more information, please contact Prakash Pillai (Convenor) at

Photo Gallery