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13 May 2020

Management of Membership Subscriptions (April & May 2020)

Dear Members, As you already know, we are currently experiencing an unprecedented economic shock that few businesses, if any, were able to foresee including ours. Due to the current restrictions placed on most businesses including our business by the authorities, our premises have been closed and continue to be closed since the introduction of the … Continue reading "Management of Membership Subscriptions (April & May 2020)"

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02 May 2020

President’s Message – 2 May 2020

Dear Members, As we enter the second month of our Circuit Break, we are all hoping that we can expel the unwanted “intruder” soonest. Unfortunate as it is, there is a silver lining – cur “collected efforts” have contributed to an 8% decrease in global emissions in 2020, which is almost 2% above anyone’s expectations. … Continue reading "President’s Message – 2 May 2020"

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06 April 2020

Club update as of 6 April 2020

Dear Members, We write further to the Club’s Notice of 3 April 2020 relating to the news reports about the further COVID-19 cases forming the SCC cluster. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has this evening responded to our request for more information about the further cases. In essence, MOH’s response is that it is not … Continue reading "Club update as of 6 April 2020"

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03 April 2020

Club Closure as of 4 April 2020

Dear Members, Pursuant to the latest government advisory, the General Committee has in the interest of the health and safety of Members decided to close the Club earlier and with immediate effect from 4 April 2020 until 4 May 2020. Members who would like to collect their personal belongings from the lockers may do during … Continue reading "Club Closure as of 4 April 2020"

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03 April 2020

COVID-19 news update – 3 April 2020

Dear Members, We are aware of news reports published today stating that the Singapore Cricket Club is a cluster with six cases. Until the latest news reports, the Club was only aware of two cases – one that we announced on 20 March 2020, and another concerning a member who did not visit the Club … Continue reading "COVID-19 news update – 3 April 2020"

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28 March 2020

Revised Sports Facilities Usage (Indoor and Outdoor)

Dear Members, In line with the most recent measures announced by MOH and Sport Singapore in relation to COVID-19 and to mitigate risk of infection to our Members and staff, all Club- and Section-organised events/ activities/ training are suspended while the gym will also be closed until further notice.  Only the following sports facilities at … Continue reading "Revised Sports Facilities Usage (Indoor and Outdoor)"

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26 March 2020

Revised F&B Operating Hours from 26 March 2020, 2359hrs

Dear Members, In accordance with the latest advisory from the Ministry of Health (MOH) dated 24 March 2020 announcing tighter safe distancing measures and the closure of bars and entertainment venues, we will cease operations at the following outlets from 26 March 2020, 2359hrs until 30 April 2020: Main Lounge Men’s Bar Stumps Deli Padang … Continue reading "Revised F&B Operating Hours from 26 March 2020, 2359hrs"

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25 March 2020

President’s Message – Club Updates

Dear Members, Allow me to apologize for the inconvenience over the last few days. The COVID-19 virus is a very serious situation and one that is unravelling in a fairly unpredictable manner. We took the drastic step of closing the Clubhouse for thorough cleaning as the health and safety of our Members and staff are of paramount importance. I can assure you that the GC … Continue reading "President’s Message – Club Updates"

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23 March 2020

Club Reopening on 24 March 2020, 11am.

Dear Members, We thank you for your patience and understanding during the Club’s closure this past weekend, during which the following was done: A professional company registered with and approved by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) was engaged to clean and disinfect all three levels of the Clubhouse; this has now been completed. The contact … Continue reading "Club Reopening on 24 March 2020, 11am."

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21 March 2020

Notice of Postponement of AGM

Dear Members, Please refer to the Notice of Postponement of Annual General Meeting here.

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20 March 2020

Confirmed COVID-19 case at SCC and Club Closure

Dear Members, We write to inform you that one of our Members has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in an isolation ward at the National Centre for Infectious Disease (NCID). This Member visited the Club on three occasions on 7 March, 14 March and 19 March. He had no symptoms of illness and … Continue reading "Confirmed COVID-19 case at SCC and Club Closure"

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17 March 2020

Club Notices relating to COVID-19

Please find our latest Club Notices regarding COVID-19: Notice dated 17 March 2020  (Enhanced screening measures: SCC Health & Travel Declaration Form) Notice dated 6 March 2020 (Special measures for all Physical Sports Players & Officials & Gym Users) Notice dated 3 March 2020 (Enhanced disinfecting measures) Notice dated 10 February 2020 (Temperature screening and consolidated entry point) … Continue reading "Club Notices relating to COVID-19"

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14 January 2020

SCC wins Gold for Best Sports Club and Best Social Club 2020

The Singapore Cricket Club has won GOLD Awards for BEST SPORTS CLUB and BEST SOCIAL CLUB in the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards 2020! This achievement would not have been possible without our Members and your unwavering support. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will continue to strive to provide the best quality service … Continue reading "SCC wins Gold for Best Sports Club and Best Social Club 2020"

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30 December 2019

Club Operating Hours for Chinese New Year 2020

In view of the Chinese New Year, please take note of the changes in the Club’s operating hours for 24 – 27 January 2020 as follows:

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18 December 2019

Special Road Access for New Year’s Eve 2019

Please click here to view the important road access information for Wednesday, 31 December 2019

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10 December 2019

SCC presented $300,000 cheque donation to SportCares at Distinguished Visitor’s Dinner

The Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) presented $300,000 to SportCares – the philanthropic arm of Sport Singapore (SportSG) at the Singapore Cricket Club Distinguished Visitor’s Dinner on 5 December 2019. The cheque presentation was witnessed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and received by Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO, SportSG. The charity fund-raising was conducted as … Continue reading "SCC presented $300,000 cheque donation to SportCares at Distinguished Visitor’s Dinner"

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03 December 2019

Notice: PM Lee Visits SCC

We are delighted to announce that SCC is welcoming Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to the Club’s Distinguished Visitor Dinner on Thursday, 5 December 2019. As this is a momentous occasion for SCC, there are some important information pertaining to the event day that Members are required to take note of . Read more here.

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29 November 2019

SCC Commemoration of Singapore Bicentennial

Over two weeks in October (11 – 26 October 2019), the SCC commemorated Singapore’s Bicentennial with a series of events themed “A Fiesta of Heritage and New Beginnings” that paid tribute to Singapore and the Club’s heritage while also heralding a new era in nation building. At the same time, the Club also raised funds … Continue reading "SCC Commemoration of Singapore Bicentennial"

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26 November 2019

Members & Staff Whistleblower Policy

The General Committee (GC) and Management is committed to providing a high standard of compliance with accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, corporate governance, and auditing requirements. To promote good corporate practices and deter any wrongdoing, the Management – with the advice of the GC – has drawn up a Whistleblowing Reporting Policy and Procedure that … Continue reading "Members & Staff Whistleblower Policy"

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08 November 2019

SCC Raffle Draw Winners (8 Nov 2019)

The winners of the SCC Raffle Draw were drawn during the SCC Heritage Charity Ball on Friday, 25 October 2019, and the list of winners have been displayed at the Club’s main reception area. Our warmest congratulations to the winners! 1st prize: Thomas Wynn-Jones (W0545) 2nd prize: Siong Lin Gian (G0461) 3rd prize: Kumud Rangroo … Continue reading "SCC Raffle Draw Winners (8 Nov 2019)"

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01 November 2019

SCC Family Day & Open House 2019

On Sunday, 20 October 2019, the SCC organised a Family Day cum Open House as part of our Singapore Bicentennial celebrations. Check out highlights from the event here.

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25 October 2019

Relaxation of Dress Code (26 Oct 2019)

Members are to note that there will be a relaxation of the Club’s Bye-Laws on Saturday, 26 October 2019 during the SCC Bicentennial 7s U14 & U18 Seven-a-side Football Tournament, from 7.00am to 6.00pm   This is not applicable to Padang Restaurant and Gilmour Room where the usual dress code still applies.   In other … Continue reading "Relaxation of Dress Code (26 Oct 2019)"

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19 September 2019

Padang Field Closure – UPDATES

The Padang Field will be closed until the end of October 2019 for reinstatement works. As such, there will be NO ACCESS to the Padang to or from the Clubhouse Building for any reason whatsoever. Heavy traffic by way of heavy goods vehicles and other associated machineries in and out of the Padang from Connaught Drive and St Andrew’s Road can be … Continue reading "Padang Field Closure – UPDATES"

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13 September 2019

SCC Night Race – Road Closure, Car Park Closure, Club Access and Operating Hours

In view of the 2019 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix and SCC Night Race that will be held on 20 – 22 September, please take note of the following: Road Closures Roads around the F1 circuit will close from 0000hrs on Wednesday, 18 September, until Tuesday, 24 September, 0530hrs. More information is available here. … Continue reading "SCC Night Race – Road Closure, Car Park Closure, Club Access and Operating Hours"

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14 August 2019

Amendments to Club Rules 2019

Pursuant to Singapore Cricket Club Rules 22, 26, 44 and 48, the “Proposed Amendments to the Rules” declared by a majority under Resolution 1 of the business conducted at the Annual General Meeting convened on Tuesday, 30 April 2019, have been formally addressed to the Club as being “Approved” by the Registrar of Societies with … Continue reading "Amendments to Club Rules 2019"

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07 August 2019

NDP 2019 – 9 Aug Revised Club Operating Hours, Road Closures & Dedicated Pedestrian Access

In view of the NDP 2019 happening this Friday, 9 August, do take note of the revised Club operating hours, road closures, as well as information on the dedicated pedestrian access.   View the full notice here:

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12 June 2019

NDP 2019 Road Closures & Dedicated Pedestrian Access

Singapore celebrates her 54th birthday at the Padang this year. As such, several roads within the vicinity of SCC will be closed during days of rehearsals, National Education shows, Preview shows and the NDP Day from 0200hrs on said day to 0200hrs the following day. There will be special pedestrian access via a dedicated route … Continue reading "NDP 2019 Road Closures & Dedicated Pedestrian Access"

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06 June 2019

Sports Facilities Closure

In view of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2019 being held at the Padang this year, please be informed that the Padang field, Lawn Bowls Green, Tennis Courts, Cricket Nets, and Multi-purpose Court, have been placed FULLY OUT OF BOUNDS following the handover of these facilities to the 2019 NDP Organising Committee (NDPOC) on Monday, 29 April 2019. Field sports activities such … Continue reading "Sports Facilities Closure"

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03 June 2019

SCC Hockey wins Double National Titles!

Congratulations to SCC Hockey for winning Double National Titles this year! This first time they achieved this in SCC hockey history was in 2015 – what an amazing repeat performance this year – Thank you for all your hard work lifting the SCC flag up high!!!    The SCC Hockey Men’s First Team has defended … Continue reading "SCC Hockey wins Double National Titles!"

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30 April 2019

Results of AGM 2019

View the results of the SCC Annual General Meeting 2019 here:

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24 April 2019

Supplementary Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

This Supplementary Notice of Annual General Meeting is issued pursuant to: A written notice given pursuant to Rule 57(d) by Ms. Zaibun Siraj (Membership No. S1297) received on 15 April 2019. A written notice given pursuant to Rule 57(d) by Mr. Mohan J Bhojwani (Membership No. B0332) received on 18 April 2019. A written notice given … Continue reading "Supplementary Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019"

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23 April 2019

List of Nominees – Annual General Meeting 2019

To view the List of Nominees for the Annual General Meeting 2019, please click here.

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04 April 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Singapore Cricket Club will be held at the Clubhouse on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 at 6.30pm.   For more information on the Notice, click here.   For more information on the Resolution One, click here.

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