Did you know that Mahjong made its debut out of China in the 1900s?  It is now played in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Be it a true beginner or an advanced player, we welcome everyone at the SCC Mahjong Section!


Come on Wednesdays (Afternoon Session: 3-7 pm / Evening Session: 7-10 pm)


Location: Green Room

Section Fee: S$10 per month

Playing Session: FOC for Mahjong Section Members (S$15 for SCC non-Mahjong Section Member / S$20 for Guest (non-SCC members)

Mahjong Committee


Diana Hon

Events Coordinator

Lee Terk Yang


Sunita Kapoor


Soma Devi

Committee Member

Chua Kheng Kok

Committee Member

Michael Milford

Mahjong Committee 2022-23 (from left to right):
Lee Terk Yang, Chua Kheng Kok, Michael Milford, Sunita Kapoor and Diana Hon
Not in photo: Soma Devi


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Section Night

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For more information, please contact Diana Hon (Convenor) at

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