Did you know that Mahjong made its debut out of China in the 1900s?  It is now played in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Be it a true beginner or an advanced player, we welcome everyone at the SCC Mahjong Section!

Section Fee: S$10 per month

Playing Session: FOC for Mahjong Section Members (S$15 for SCC non-Mahjong Section Member / S$20 for Guest (non-SCC members)

For more information, please contact Sunita Kapoor (Convenor) here.

Mahjong Committee


Sunita Kapoor

Events Coordinator

Nancy Quek


Soma Devi


Sundareswara Sharma

Committee Member

Michael Milford

Committee Member

Julia D’Silva

Mahjong Committee 2024-25 (from left to right):
Sundareswara Sharma (Secretary), Soma Devi (Treasurer), Sunita Kapoor (Convenor), Julia D’Silva (Committee Member), Michael Milford (Committee Member). Not in photo: Nancy Quek (Events Coordinator)


  • Section Night
  • Photo Gallery

Section Night

Timings Day Location
3pm - 7pm Wednesdays SCC Green Room
7pm - 10pm Wednesday SCC Green Room

Photo Gallery