The Darts Section organises regular interclub matches and participates actively in various friendlies and competitions throughout the year. Members who are interested to learn more about the sport are invited to attend the section’s monthly Section Nights.

Darts Committee


Helen Campos


Charles Shanmugaraj


Zoeb Sadiq


Kelvin Teo

Committee Member

Todd Rosin

Committee Member

Tushar Doshi

Committee Member

Fahmida Hassanbhai (Co-opted)

Committee Member

Louisa Fernandez (Co-opted)

Darts Section Committee 2021-2022 (from left to right): Fahmida Hassanbhai, Kelvin Teo, Todd Rosin, Helen Campos, Louisa Fernandez, Zoeb Sadiq, Tushar Doshi, Charles Shanmugaraj


  • Section Night
  • Photo Gallery

Section Night

Timings Day Term Date Location Name Cost per term
7.00pm to 10.00pm Monday Every fourth Monday of the month Oval Restaurant Darts Section Night N.A

Photo Gallery


Dress Code

As per The Oval

– Flip Flops, open-toe-footwear (for men) , singlets, sports shorts and collarless tee-shirts are not permitted.