SCC Raffle Draw Winners (8 Nov 2019)

The winners of the SCC Raffle Draw were drawn during the SCC Heritage Charity Ball on Friday, 25 October 2019, and the list of winners have been displayed at the Club’s main reception area.

Our warmest congratulations to the winners!
  • 1st prize: Thomas Wynn-Jones (W0545)
  • 2nd prize: Siong Lin Gian (G0461)
  • 3rd prize: Kumud Rangroo (R0488)
  • 4th prize: Alice Tang
  • 5th prize: Mike Castel (C1300)
  • 6th prize: Michelle Rodrigues (D0553)
  • 7th prize: Dr John Thornback (T0999)
  • 8th prize: Ng See Tien
  • 9th prize: Sharon Wee I-Ling
  • 10th prize: Neo Yi Han
  • 11th prize: John O’Flaherty (O0298)
  • 12th prize: Wong Lai Kheng
  • 13th prize: Lynn Shortall (S1371WFM)
  • 14th prize” Alun Branigan (B0562)
  • 15th prize: Leong Wai Shiong (L0344)
  • 16th prize: Thomas Wynn-Jones
  • 17th prize: Chua Soo Hoong (C0327)
  • 18th prize: TK Lee
  • 19th prize: Dr John Thornback (T0999)
  • 20th prize: Dorothy Tong (C1045)

If you have yet to collect your prize, please approach the Member Services Desk to do so. Thank you.