President’s Message – Club Updates

Dear Members,

Allow me to apologize for the inconvenience over the last few days. The COVID-19 virus is a very serious situation and one that is unravelling in a fairly unpredictable manner. We took the drastic step of closing the Clubhouse for thorough cleaning as the health and safety of our Members and staff are of paramount importance.

I can assure you that the GC and management of the Club have been working ceaselessly in planning and implementing safety measures in compliance with the most recent advisory from the Ministry of Health (MOH).

We have recently received numerous emails from Members, some complimenting the Club for the quick and decisive action taken, and some expressing concern at the actions of a Member. We assure Members that we are taking this very seriously and have referred the matter to Rules and Membership for due process.

We can only ensure a safer environment at the Club if each and every one of us takes our responsibility seriously in following the MOH advisory to the letter. On our part we will be strict in enforcing it.

We do expect that the next few months will be financially challenging for the Club. Cost will increase due to the extra precautionary measures taken and revenue may suffer. But I assure you that we are a healthy profitable club and we will take all steps required for the safety of our Members and staff.

We will be curtailing all sports, but individual Members are welcome to exercise their legs and lungs on the Padang.

We aim to stay flexible; we will be reviewing the situation and government advisories constantly and making changes when required. So do keep a look out for Club’s eBlasts.

Additionally, for now we will be suspending minimum spend requirement for a quarter.

We urge you to stay safe, be considerate but also to smile, laugh and enjoy your Club. Show the one-metre love.

Sher Baljit Singh
President, Singapore Cricket Club

25 March 2020