President’s Message – 27 June 2020

My dear SCC Club Members,

I am very happy to welcome you back to the Club after some 10 weeks of the Circuit Breaker (CB) phase.

Your safety, as well as the safety of our staff, continue to remain our top priority and you have my personal commitment to this.
Therefore, we seek your support as we gradually open up the different activities in the club while adhering to government guidelines.

We are very grateful and proud of all of you, as your support and engagement during the CB kept the spirit of our Club alive.

The CB period served as time for reflection for the SCC General Committee (GC) and the entire management. It gave us the time to define some new initiatives to uplift the experience of our Members, while maintaining the well-being of our people. The list below outlines some of the key initiatives in action already:

  • Promote healthy but still yummy food menu options: The Oval menu has been revamped, ensuring your favorite options were retained while adding 45% lighter and healthier dishes and vegetarian options.
  • F&B Take-way and delivery: This service was launched in May, and the adoption rate has been quite high. We are continuously working to offer a broader variety of dishes.
  • Designing & delivering an intelligent workplace: Accelerating the digitalisation and transformation around payments and document management, with the objective of increasing operational efficiencies and Member satisfaction. (e.g.: e-signing for Guests, digital ordering F&B system, e-magazines, etc)
  • Go-green: Protecting our environment while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life (e.g.: going paperless, food wastage management, planting more trees, etc)

The CB time has been quite a busy but also a rewarding and creative period for the entire SCC management and our staff, with the following objectives:

  • To re-define the “fitness back to work” protocol by reforming the workplace and protecting our staff;
  • To define new protocols for deep cleaning and sanitization, while understanding and ensuring compliance with government measures even as restrictions are eased, incorporating contact tracing technology launched by the government
  • To complete an analysis of which roles transitioned smoothly to remote working and which didn’t, to help make informed decisions about when subsets of employees should be asked to return to the workplace;
  • To compile a plan on how to operate sports facilities, and how to conduct specific sports.

I am very pleased to provide some highlights on how you can experience the SCC Club in the near future:

  • Ensuring high maintenance and good hygiene across our facilities during CB: SCC fields, indoor and outdoor facilities, including the gym, have been daily maintained, and pre-open checks will be applied before opening. Additionally, we implemented measures to preserve serviceability and maintenance of the general facilities and equipment. (e.g.: all carpets, as well as furniture were steam-cleaned and curtains sent for laundry)
  • Enriching the sports engagement portfolio of activities: Your participation in virtual events (through Facebook or ZOOM or GoToMeeting) formed a new way of engaging with the Club, but also contributed in new ideas and themes to expand the Club’s sporting population. For more information please contact
  • Making the impossible possible, via virtual events: Forming an entertainment forum while promoting the right support among our Members to develop creativity and nurture relationships among our Members. Those virtual events build perseverance to attain goals and build resilience (i.e. Weekly Fitness Challenges, SCC Exercise Videos, SCC Cooks Videos, etc) via updates on our Facebook and Instagram channels.
  • Establishing a communication channel to create clarity, build resilience, and catalyze positive change to our staff: Our HR and the entire SCC management are working towards five key principles: (1) do give people what they need, when they need, (2) communicate clearly, simply and frequently, (3) choose candor over charisma (4) revitalize resilience, and (5) distill meaning from chaos. They have also worked to reduce our payroll cost.
  • Defining new frontiers in re-skilling and up-skilling our staff: Each of us needs to be both motivated and prepared to put in the effort toward making learning a lifetime priority. Therefore, one of HR’s purpose is to develop a curriculum for our staff career progression and development. Since late last year, six of our senior F&B service staff were up-skilled.  When the Club reopens, they will work behind the Bars for cross exposure and to be operationally ready to meet the ever-changing business needs
  • Creating an open communication channel with our members to share SCC updates but also to listen to our Members: Leveraging on different social platforms (i.e.: eBlasts, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and SCC website). Additionally, we are evaluating real-time tools like SMS service for specific news (e.g. Club closure and reopening). We have been working with the Sports Department on updating the Sports Sections’ webpages on the SCC website

As always, please reach out to me and the GC for any suggestions you may have on how we can face the future better and together.

The SCC Lion has been roaring for 168 years and it will roar louder.

Sher Baljit Singh
Singapore Cricket Club