President’s Message – 2 May 2020

Dear Members,

As we enter the second month of our Circuit Break, we are all hoping that we can expel the unwanted “intruder” soonest.

Unfortunate as it is, there is a silver lining – cur “collected efforts” have contributed to an 8% decrease in global emissions in 2020, which is almost 2% above anyone’s expectations. The earth and sky do look beautiful. Let’s enjoy this pause and use this time to reflect and deepen our family relationships as well as expand our skillsets. I personally have improved my meditation time to 30 minutes.

Let me also assure you that all staff are safe and healthy and are being paid in full. We are also very grateful for the government’s wage support scheme.

In every adversity lies an opportunity, and I can assure you that your GC and management are taking this time to also restructure our Club.

Effective goals have been set for each HOD to work on including

  • Complete digitization of the back end and elimination of all paper / cheque / purchase orders etc.
  • Go green with elimination of all plastic, paper use and planting of more trees (I am told however that we cannot convert Padang and Dempsey into a forest).
  • Menu re-engineering. Introduction of vegan and vegetarian dishes, study and maximization of profitability of different beverages and dishes.
  • Revising the facilities of the Club, creating more touchless entryways, sinks, and toilet flushes. In addition to having a disinfection protocol in place that clearly spells out the locations, timing and frequency of cleaning – which is critical – as well as training cleaning staff on these new procedures.
  • Effective increases in the sport population of the Club, leveraging our existing resources while maximizing our ground facilities.
  • Outsourcing jobs, working from home, extending operating hours and working in shifts, especially for the immediate period after the CB.
  • The management is working on different scenarios, factoring the possibility of extension of the existing CB measures.


We are aware that a few members have enquired about monthly subscriptions; let me assure you it is on the GC’s radar, and once we have a clear timetable of the Club’s closure and financial impact, we will come up with a suitable solution. Even though we are closed, we do have fixed costs that cannot be avoided.

We are getting ready for the Club’s reopening, adhering to a framework to ensure our people are safe, while mitigating the impact to our business. We are working on identifying the controls to guarantee the right level of security and safety, while maintaining the well-being of our people: around PPE, administrative controls (social distancing), engineering controls in spaces, and substitution of activities. It is fortunate that our cash balances and reserves are healthy, but we forecast an impact on our profitability with reduced revenues and additional costs. That is why it is imperative to use this momentum to re-invent ourselves by creating the right automation (i.e. smart facilities, delivery services) while being eco-friendly (e.g. promoting cycle to work days) and maintaining our brand and reputation about sports and a healthy attitude to life.

While we wait for the green light to kick the ball on our field and visit our favourite bar, please visit our SCC Facebook page to keep updated on our activities, including online Yoga classes and quiz nights.

As always, please reach out to me and the GC for any suggestions you may have on how we can face the future better and together.

The SCC Lion has been roaring for 167 years and it will roar louder.


Sher Baljit Singh
Singapore Cricket Club