Management of Membership Subscriptions (April & May 2020)

Dear Members,

As you already know, we are currently experiencing an unprecedented economic shock that few businesses, if any, were able to foresee including ours.

Due to the current restrictions placed on most businesses including our business by the authorities, our premises have been closed and continue to be closed since the introduction of the tightened circuit breaker measures (i.e. 7 April 2020 to 1 June 2020).

The General Committee (“GC”) is thus acutely aware that Members would not have had the option of using the Club’s facilities for approximately two months.

In view of the foregoing, the GC have after careful deliberation last month decided that the entire monthly subscription paid by each Member, which includes the subscription for Family Members, for the months of April and May 2020 shall be returned to Members in the form of Food and Beverage Credits (“F&B Credits”).

In addition, car park and the locker rental fees currently paid by each Member will also be returned to Members in the form of F&B Credits.

For the avoidance of doubt, the F&B Credits shall only be given to Members who have been current with their membership payments and to the following Membership categories, namely:

  • Ordinary Transferrable Membership;
  • Ordinary Non-Transferrable Membership;
  • Term Membership; and
  • Sports Membership.

The aggregated amount of the F&B Credits due to each Member shall be credited into the Member’s account in June 2020 to be used for the following purposes; namely:

  • Dining at any of the SCC F&B outlets;
  • Retail sale of alcohol; and/or
  • Purchase of any takeaway and delivery of food and beverage services (i.e. Do note that the SCC F&B Takeaway and Delivery service will commence on 26 May 2020 and further details of the same will be published separately).

Please note that any unused F&B Credits after 30 November 2020 shall be duly forfeited and no request for any extension of the validity period shall be entertained.

With regard to the section subscriptions payable by the Members, this will be left to each individual section committee to decide accordingly, but subject still to oversight by the GC.

Members who wish to show their support for the Club may choose to opt out of the F&B Credits scheme. In this regard, please email with your full name and membership number to advise us as such.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your continued support and feedback regarding all Club matters throughout this difficult period.

We will see one another again when the Club reopens but until then, may you and your families stay safe and healthy.


General Committee
Singapore Cricket Club