Application of Anti-Microbial Coating for High Contact Areas in SCC

At the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), all high contact areas in the Clubhouse have been treated with a self-disinfecting antimicrobial coating since mid-July 2020.

Using this anti-microbial coating technology, treated surfaces are now continuously being disinfected against bacteria, fungi and viruses for up to 180 days from the time of the electrostatic spray application – this is greatly more efficient than general cleaning and disinfection which is only effective at the point of application.

SCC is the first Club in Singapore to utilise this specific anti-microbial coating technology on its premises.


Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. What is this Anti-Microbial Coating Technology?

SCC uses sdpro, an anti-microbial coating that neutralises microbes (i.e. bacteria, fungi, viruses) which come into contact with the treated surfaces by physically rupturing the target’s organism’s cell membrane on contact, thereby reducing their ability to infect.

As it is applied to the high contact areas via electrostatic spray, the coating  molecularly bonds to the surfaces semi-permanently and cannot be easily removed by regular cleaning processes – hence, it is continuously self-disinfecting the treated surfaces for up to 180 days, with just one application.

In comparison, other cleaning agents kill germs during the disinfecting process, but the killing stops once the solution dries, hence the need for repeated rounds of disinfecting.

This self-disinfecting coating is made with a US EPA-registered (USA’s Environmental Protection Agency) antimicrobial active ingredient that is safe for humans and eco-friendly.


2. Is it effective against COVID-19?

  • This anti-microbial coating contains US’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-approved ingredient that is proven to be effective against COVID-19 and similar strains of coronavirus.
  • It has been tested against the norovirus (non-enveloped) which, according to CDC’s guidelines, are “Product capable of inactivating “non-enveloped viruses (norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus) are broadly antiviral and capable of inactivating both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses”.
  • It has also been tested to be effective against the H1N1 virus (flu virus).

Source: sdpro


3. Is it safe?
The coating has been tested by the US EPA and various international 3rd party laboratories and is found to be harmless to the skin and tested to be safe for also infants and kids.  It has also been applied in childcare centres to combat against HFMD (hand, foot & mouth) and centres have reported between 80-100% success rate in the elimination of outbreaks of these infections.


4. Where in the SCC Clubhouse has this anti-microbial coating been applied?

Application of anti-microbial coating via electrostatic spray at SCC Clubhouse.

It has been applied in the following high contacts areas:

  1. Main Entrance: Stair railings from car porch to Main Reception, MSD counter, and Digital Touch Screen
  2. Main Staircase Railings from Level 1 to Level 2
  3. Lifts: Handicapped lift and Service lift (buttons, doors and railings inside lift)
  4. Male & Female Changing Rooms, Restrooms (Male Visitor’s Restroom, Oval male & female restrooms, Padang male & female restrooms, and the Handicapped Toilet): Doors, sink taps, toilet doors, flush buttons, dispensers, shower curtains, benches, towel counters, dressing table tops, lockers (in men’s and ladies changing rooms), clothes hangers, light switches, electric sockets, etc
  5. Gym: Handrails leading from Level 1 to gym, lockers before entering gym, doors, light switches, electric sockets, telephone, counter, all gym machines, weights, mats, balls, etc
  6. Squash Courts: Doors, gallery seats, glass panels facing the courts, side walls-serve boxes to back corners, dispenser and counter, notice board, etc
  7. Lawn Bowls: Handrails to the bowling green, gate, lawn bowls store cupboard and equipment shed
  8. Boot washing area (taps)
  9. Men’s Bar: Doors, snooker tables, pool table, dart boards, cues/ balls/ triangles, score boards, bar counter, benches, tables, chairs, light switches, electric sockets, etc
  10. Oval & Verandah: doors, tables, chairs, light switches
  11. Victoria Room: doors, tables, chairs, light switches
  12. Main Lounge: Doors, bar counter, general counters, chairs
  13. Deli Counter
  14. Stair railings from Courtyard to Deli and Oval Verandah
  15. Padang Restaurant and foyer lounge


Application for the high contact areas in STUMPS and Gilmour Room will be conducted when safe management measures have been further relaxed by the government, and just before said F&B outlets are operational again.

Regular normal cleaning will continue throughout the Clubhouse and its facilities.


5. Where else in Singapore has this particular coating technology been applied?
sdpro has been coated on commercial and government buildings, private properties, ATMs and public transport.

  1. Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB)
  2. Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)
  3. Singapore Changi Airport
  4. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)
  5. Hugo Boss
  6. Yale-NUS College and National University of Singapore (NUS)


6. More information about sdpro and vendors
Singapore-based SUTL EnvironTech is the master distributor of this anti-microbial coating technological solution in Southeast Asia. For certain parts of the private sector in Singapore, Advancer Global Facility (AGF) – the building management services division of SGX-listed Advancer Global Ltd – is SUTL’s exclusive distributer.

This anti-microbial coating was applied by Master Clean Facility Services Pte Ltd, a company in NEA’s approved list of COVID-19 disinfecting vendors and a subsidiary of Advancer Global Ltd.