General Information

Term Membership privileges at the SCC may be purchased for a period of 12 months.
This category of Membership is renewable annually to a maximum period of five
Following the five year term, the Term Member may purchase an Ordinary Transferable
Membership at the prevailing market price.
The entrance fee for Term Membership is at S$4,000.00 (plus prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST)) for one (1) year Membership.

Please download the Term Membership form here. All other forms can be downloaded here.

Other information

Term Membership is renewable annually and to a maximum period of five years.

Should a Term Member decide not to continue his/her Membership term, for example upon relocation from Singapore, Membership will cease.

Following five years of Membership, a Term Member must, under the provisions of the SCC Rules, convert his/her Term Membership to that of Ordinary Member upon the payment of a Conversion Fee. The Conversion Fee is calculated by averaging the sale price of the prevailing market price of an Ordinary Membership for the preceding two months, less a proportion of the Term Membership Fee set at S$2,000.00 per year of Membership (i.e. S$10,000.00 for a five year period of Term Membership).

Processing and Payment

Processing and payment by the ‘Purchasing’ Member will take a minimum period of 14 working days upon the Club’s receipt of all requisite and completed documentation as:

  • Membership Application Form duly completed and signed.
  • Photocopy of Passport/NRIC (applicant and spouse).
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  • Two recently taken colour Passport-size photographs (applicant and spouse – one of each).
  • Duly completed and signed GIRO Form.
  • Member Consent Form.
  • Payment via Cash, NETS and credit card (VISA/MASTER/AMEX) at our MSD
    (Member Service Desk) or by Cheque payable to “Singapore Cricket Club”.

The New Member will be formally notified by the SCC Membership Department by email when his/her Application has been ‘Approved’ and that the privileges and rights of Membership can be enjoyed.

The Monthly Subscription will be applied to the month of joining in the full amount, and regardless of the joining date.

Who May be Eligible to Become a Member of the SCC?

SCC Membership is open to any applicant above the age of 21 years who may be ordinarily resident in Singapore or who may have a place of business in Singapore.

The Benefits of SCC Membership

The prestige of being associated with the Singapore Cricket Club and the Padang, with over 163 years of history and culture and is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the Central Business District of Singapore.

  • The Club is also located on the Singapore’s Grand Prix Formula 1 motor racing circuit at ‘Turn 10’ – “The Singapore Sling”.
  • An exclusive Membership base that is perfect for your networking needs; Members are established captains of industry, community leaders and leading sportsmen and women.
  • Members are permitted to invite their Guests and there is no limitation on the number of guests invited.
  • A choice of seven Food and Beverage outlets to suit all Member entertainment and dining needs – as well as Private Function spaces for business or personal events/functions.
  • Two Sports Grounds, a Gymnasium, Snooker and Billiards and Games Room as well as a Jackpot Room and 13 Sports Sections to cater to any Members’ sporting lifestyle.
  • Live TV screening of Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, F1 Racing and other popular sports.
  • Banquet and Meeting Room facilities for private and/ or company seminars/functions.
  • More than 100 overseas reciprocal club arrangements which provide an invaluable asset when you travel. Click here to find out more about the SCC’s network of reciprocal clubs.
  • A wide range of Sports and Social Events organised for Members and their guests.



  • Monthly Subscription – Principal Member is S$103.00 (exclusive GST) and additional Spouse Member Fee is S$30.00 (exclusive of GST) and if applicable.
  • Minimum Food and Beverage Spending Levy is $150 (inclusive of GST) per quarter.
  • Sports Section Fee(s) and/or Car Parking Label Fee(s) if a subscriber.